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Your Campaign Finance Team

Get to know
Alena Pacheco

Alena Pacheco is the President and CEO of Political Treasury Group.  She is a dedicated leader with a track record for working across political lines and spear-heading multi-sector partnerships.  Alena has been a political treasury consultant for nearly a decade, helping her clients navigate the ever-changing political election rules and regulations.

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Background in Campaign management

As a member of the California Political Treasurers’ Association, Alena is on the forefront of campaign filing requirements, fundraising guidelines, contributor database management, as well as major donor and campaign reporting deadlines. Alena also understands the needs of candidates and their consultants, having worked behind the scenes to oversee political fundraising, media production and precinct canvassing for multiple campaigns.

Get to know
Samantha Bauer

Samantha Bauer is the Chief Strategy Officer for Political Treasury Group, and she is no stranger to the political process. She started her career in Sacramento, working on statewide issue campaigns and has managed several school bond campaigns. She has an extensive background in strategic communications, public affairs, and media relations. Sam provides professional treasury services to local and state candidates, political action committees, and major donors.


Background In Public Education

Sam spent most of her professional career in public education, serving the third and fifth largest school districts in California. She has an informed perspective on the policy landscape in the San Joaquin Valley. Sam served as communications director for the Office of Community and Economic Development at Fresno State, leading the outreach and public affairs program for the Regional Jobs Initiative and the Governor’s California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley.

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